Who We Are

Core Values

Too many people wake up every morning, slam the alarm clock, and throw on a suit, dreading the impending eight hour work day. They look at themselves in the mirror as they tie their tie and wonder what they’re doing with their life. Bored and underutilized, they surf Facebook and Twitter, but soon enough, even those Internet staples lose their luster. They sit in their cubicles, wasting the day away, only to go home, run errands, cook dinner, and sleep. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

At GRA | MATR, those stereotypical working man’s dilemma don’t sit well with us. Our brand work is as vibrant as our personalities, and in our office, there is never a dull moment. We might be weird, but we’re wildly effective and keep things fresh and interesting by following a seven point core value system. It keeps us focused, allows us to have fun, and sets standards and expectations internally and with our clients.

These seven points aren’t written on the walls or slapped on a mug. They’re dynamic, constantly changing guidelines that we discuss, live, and breathe every day at our agency. They’re in our DNA and they define how we choose clients and new hires. We don’t have 100 employees and 1000 clients for a reason. We are protective of our culture and value fit above all else in our business relationships.

At GRA | MATR, we are:

Eager to Learn and Grow
Authentic in Actions and Words
End-User Focused
Passionate for Excellence
Getting S&*t Done
Visionary & Innovative Problem Solvers