What We Do

Website Development

During the days of the :30 TV spot and the billboard advertisement, companies built their brand through a combination of relentless shouting and repeated beating of the proverbial dead horse. Since we believe in the use of inside voices and do not condone animal cruelty, we’re happy to see that those days are now behind us. Your brand has to shift from the big-splashy-launch mentality to the what-do-we-need-to-say-today mentality. It needs to adjust to cultural memes, breaking news, consumer attitudes and whatever the heck your competitors are up to. Your brand has to live in the now. Grab the Mountain Dew® and forget the shower, it’s time to build a website.

Design and Layout – We’ll work with you to visually represent the discussed brand personality and the new design elements, such as the logo, to create a customized, user-friendly and visually appealing website that’s perfect for your business.

Content Architecture & Page Copy – Utilizing the priority cognitive mindsets and brand pyramid developed during our strategy sessions, we’ll develop an intuitive site map and create unique copy that plays directly to your target cognitive mindsets and captures the essence of your brand.

Monitor and Analyze – Once the website is approved , we’ll keep it up-to-date and can even track data flowing in and out of the property, such as how many visitors you’re getting and how long they’re sticking around.