What We Do

Strategy & Planning

Time to take a look at your calendar. Let’s see. Meeting at 10:00, lunch appointment at 12:30 with your biggest client, project report due by 2:00. You can handle all that, right? Easy. That is, until your boss walks in and needs a check picked up in Illinois. On the way there your son calls because the dog ate 17 Kit Kats® and needs to be taken to the vet. When you make it back, you’re an hour late for lunch and the client walks out. The report doesn’t get done because you’re crying in the bathroom. You’re fired. Your spouse leaves you. Now you’re at your mother’s. In footie pajamas. Sleeping on her couch.

If you can’t even schedule a single day in your life, how on earth can you expect to schedule a marketing campaign twelve, six, or even two months out? These days your brand has to be ready 24/7. We’ll help you understand consumer motivations and develop a strategy so you can begin planning how not to plan.

Target Cognitive Mindsets – Based on what we learn from your team and any research findings, we’ll identify the key cognitive mindsets in your customer base. We’ll analyze their demographic, emotive, and psychographic attributes, along with their desires, needs, and potential risks, highlighting the unique attributes and needs that characterize their behavior and motivations. These cognitive mindsets will then be prioritized based on their potential value.

Cognitive Mapping – After we’ve prioritized cognitive mindsets, we’ll identify cognitive hurdles that your brand needs to clear in order for consumers to select your company over a competitor.

Engagement Strategies – We will build upon the Objectives, Cognitive Mindsets and Cognitive Insights to develop strategies that will engage your target cognitive mindsets. We’ll recommend a series of specific tactics that can be incorporated into a detailed marketing plan, and identify ways to track and monitor progress towards our established goals.

Marketing Plans – Informed by the engagement strategies and the assessment of the brand platform, our team will collaborate with your leadership team to map out recommended marketing tactics along with estimated timelines and budgets, in the form of a detailed marketing plan.