What We Do

Social Media & PR

@YourBrand, it’s time to get #social. Advertisers have the freedom to interact with consumers in more places, at more times, in more personal ways than ever before. But with freedom comes responsibility. If you create an ad that interrupts someone when she’s on Facebook, posting pictures of her children, you better have something relevant to say. You aren’t using public space or public airwaves anymore. You’re a guest in her private digital home. If you barge in bragging about yourself, leaving scuffmarks on all the furniture, you’ll never be invited back.

Online Engagement – The big buzzword these days is social media, but we feel that just “being social” isn’t enough. We prefer to think about it in terms of online engagement. We utilize social media to engage customers and prospects in a way that is relevant, more than just likes and followers, which allows us to drive traffic to your web properties. Each online engagement plan is personalized based on the brand’s target cognitive mindsets and their preferences for social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, or even a company blog.

PR – For brands that need help integrating their online marketing with their offline business, we’ve got your back. While we may not be PR pros, we can move your company in the right direction and help you make the strategic decisions vital to your real world brand perception.