What We Do

Search, Digital, Mobile, & PPC Marketing

Once upon a time there was a store called Blockbuster®, and people would go there in order to rent movies for a small fee. But these days it’s difficult to find a brick and mortar Blockbuster anywhere. Movies are now conveniently streamed through Netflix or pirated from less reputable websites. The days of Pay Per View are over, the days of Pay Per Click are here.

Gone are the days of patience, replaced by ten year olds with iPhones and teenagers who expect instant gratification. In an age where you can download anything to your phone with the click of a button, consumers aren’t waiting for you to find them. They are actively searching for you. The only question is how to make your brand visible and relevant at the right time.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – In order to make your business more search engine friendly, we’ll use your priority cognitive mindsets and other work from our strategy sessions to tightly align your website and its keyword density with your marketing goals.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Our SEM services, often referred to as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, are robust and complete, offering our own proprietary keyword research, quality score evaluation, text ad copywriting, launch, reporting analysis, and ongoing optimization of your PPC campaigns. We work with you up-front to identify and prioritize your target cognitive mindsets and map the cognitive path each takes from awareness to brand loyalty. These insights fuel our campaigns, boosting their effectiveness.

Display Advertising – Our display advertising services include banner, mobile, text, and pop up advertisements, the content of which is informed by our persona and cognitive mapping processes, which increases the effectiveness and ROI of our campaigns.

Mobile and Geotargeting – With the growth of mobile phones and 4G networks, we’re able to know where your customers are in the moment, allowing us to specifically target people based on their precise location. If your business is looking to target customers in a specific geographic area, for example, one building, we can use geotargeting to accomplish that as well.

Rich Media Advertising – Our Rich Media Advertising is customized and is comprised of all forms of online video and animation including, but not limited to, video used for websites, landing pages, Youtube, and social media. We can help you identify where these tactics might be effective and how to best employ them.

Analytics and Insights – Without data to analyze and improve our advertising, we’re simply hoping for the best. Rather than hand over a convoluted dashboard, our seasoned team will provide insight and proposed actions based on identifiable trends to optimize your campaign.