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Radial Marketing

From carrier pigeons, to telegraph spam, to billboards, traditional advertising has always been a competition of who can shout the loudest while still being heard over the cacophony of competing communiqués. But these days, the marketing world is analogous to a grade school. Nobody is going to listen to you if you aren’t being polite and using your inside voice.

Consumers have been empowered by the DVR and now have more choices than ever when it comes to media consumption, and this collective freedom gives them power. The marketing locus of control has shifted – from the marketer broadcasting their message, to a world where consumers are able to choose which messages are permitted to breach their cognitive defenses. To market effectively in the modern world, you need to meet consumers on their terms, when they’re ready to pay attention and cognitively engage.

Search – Search Engine Marketing is the prime example of the shift towards a radial world. Instead of seeing irrelevant advertisements while watching the Super Bowl, consumers now purchase goods and services that meet their exact search queries on demand.

Cognitive Mindsets – Demographics were fine in the days of the :30 TV spot and newspaper advertisement, but consumers are shifting in and out of multiple cognitive mindsets throughout the day – parent to employee to colleague to friend… constantly identifying, prioritizing, and working to truly understanding your key customer cognitive mindsets is essential for authentic engagement, as is connecting with them at the time when they feel communication is most meaningful.