What We Do

Lead Nurturing

It’s not you, it’s me. I’m not ready for a commitment right now. You’re just too good for me. I think we should see other people. Yeah, we get it, we’ve been there before. But we don’t take no for an answer. You may have broken up with us, but we haven’t broken up with you. It’s like launching missiles from a submarine, we both have to turn our keys. Funny that we keep forgetting our CD’s in your trunk; guess we’ll have to come by again tomorrow. Oh, you’re going out with her? What’s her name? And no, we won’t change our Facebook profile picture to one without you in it.

Sure, that might come off as a little creepy (and yes we know about the restraining order), but online we’re able to be slightly more subtle. Once a customer visits your webpage, we’re able to change the copy of our advertisements to better align with their position in the buying process, which will ultimately lead to higher conversion rates and increased ROI on your end.

Onsite Nurturing – While consumers are visiting your website, we’re able to track their behavior and change the content of a website or landing page in a way that increases content relevance. Advertorials can be presented in response to online actions, ensuring visitors see what you want them to see, leading to increased engagement.

Retargeted Display Advertising – If consumers visit your site but leave the property before converting, we are able to remarket banner, mobile, text, and pop-up ads to specifically target those individuals. These tactics are subtle but powerful, and bring visitors back to your website or onto the phone, converting them into strong leads.

Email Nurturing – Email nurturing specifically targets consumers who have visited your website or landing page but moved on without converting first. They will receive personalized emails based on persona type, online behavior, and position in the buying cycle, which will drive increased conversion rates and can help cultivate new leads.