How We Work

Know Your Customer

We know what you’re thinking: “I understand my customers. They’re exactly 25-49 years old. They’re male. Or female. They make a lot of money, unless they don’t. Their buying habits are motivated by their children, unless they don’t have any. They’re brand-loyal, although value-conscious. They like reality shows and Lady Gaga and NASCAR and gardening. See? A nice clear picture.”

Sorry, but all you’ve got there is a demographic. Those were fine during the days of the :30 TV spot and the year-long print campaign. Customers had to accept that they were the “mass” in mass-marketing. But not anymore. They have become individual consumers, with individual desires and motivations. The great news is that they’re trying to explain this to you. With every text, comment, click and tweet, they’re painting their own picture: This is ME.

Our team can help you explore and identify your company’s priority cognitive mindsets, which is key to targeting leads and prospects. The persona work will allow us to map their cognitive pathways and measure their intent, which makes identifying relevant engagement strategies elementary.