What We’ve Done


Assignment: CDW® approached GRA | MATR in the summer of 2012 with agressive growth goals in HP® Networking products without cannibalizing existing sales. As CDW is the largest retail space for HP products, they knew their numbers in the networking category could significantly increase. Their internal sales team includes over 2600 account managers, field team representatives, and internal solutions architects, and the company gave us two years to increase sales of HP Networking products through these channels by 300% or more.

Thinking: With key executives from both CDW and HP, we followed our standard methodology, which included aligning both companies on quarterly goals, analyzing the make up of the competitive environment, solidifying the campaign message, and finally identifying the target audience.

Eureka: Using positive disruption and focusing on radial marketing, we developed an integrated campaign to push through the noise generated by the 100+ vendors all competing for the attention of the CDW account managers. We created an animated spokesperson for the campaign and crafted bi-monthly animated segments to highlight key information for sales representatives about the products, people that can help them and incentives available . The goal was to make selling HP-N as easy as possible. In addition, we created a Twitter account and blog written by the spokesman, a website full of useful information (such as product knowledge, selling tips, top sales performers, incentives and more), an email marketing campaign, and an incentives-based program to boost sales and engagement.

How Did We Do: Although the campaign has only been operational for a short time, the new direction has created a buzz within both organizations. Sales numbers have already increased by over 30%, and the number of account managers selling HP Networking products has tripled. At this early stage we are already on pace to meet our objective much quicker than the two year goal.

Royal Canin

Assignment: Royal Canin® approached GRA | MATR for help with an email communication campaign. They were finding it difficult to retain consumers when their pets made the leap from youth to adulthood, a stage where the perceived need to provide the level of nutrition standard in Royal Canin food was outweighed by the product’s cost.

Thinking: As we followed our core methodology and process, we discovered that by focusing on the pet owner “end-user” and connecting with their needs; and by personalizing content, we could drive stronger ties with new puppy and kitten owners, improving brand retention and increasing focus on nutrition for pets of all ages. Since their approach to pet nutrition involved personalization based on breed and animal lifecycle, their desire to do a large-scale, templated e-blast was not consistent with their other marketing efforts and core beliefs.

Eureka: We took a holistic look at the challenge and deployed an integrated program, one that provided relevant and timely content to pet owners early in the lifecycle of pet ownership and throughout. This strategy increased awareness about the importance of nutrition, while also providing relevant insight on related pet topics such as grooming and training. We created a large database of breed information so that emails and direct mailing would be sent when each family’s pet reached different stages in its life. In this way, Royal Canin became a brand that was about much more than just selling pet food, one that was in tune with each family’s individual pet and its specific needs. The final program included multiple tactical elements such direct mail, microsite, personalized email, and a customer program thank you kit.

How Did We Do: When the campaign finished, we had increased overall engagement with the brand, increased ROI by 300%, and developed the most sophisticated cross-referenced database of breeds, which still exists today.

AAFES (Army Air Force Exchange Services)

Assignment: The PX (Post Exchange) and BX (Base Exchange) on Army and Air Force bases, an important chain for our troops and their families for over one hundred years, were in need of a major facelift. For years sales had been slipping due to nearby “big box” retailers preying on their customer base, so GRA | MATR was consulted by Chute Gerdeman, an agency specializing in interior design, already working on the project.

Thinking: As part of a three agency team, we worked with AAFES and quickly identified a lack of consistent branding between Web, Print, POS, and Stores. The physical store and website were difficult to navigate, and their exclusive brands were neglected. Furthermore, a key tenant of AAFES brand, the contribution the organization gave back to the bases, had been lost in product marketing.

Eureka: Through planning and strategy sessions, GRA | MATR discovered that AAFES, more than reorganizing their layout and advertising, needed to alter the way they thought about their customer base. Their store’s popularity and sales weren’t driven by military shoppers looking for the convenience and savings of an on-base chain, AAFES stores, at their core, were about people. From new recruits, to military spouses, to veterans, the PX and BX served as a meeting grounds for like-minded individuals who needed support during the difficult transitions involved with a military lifestyle. While Chute Gerdeman redesigned the stores’ interiors, GRA | MATR’s persona and branding work informed their design and helped transform the brand’s website and way of thinking.

How Did We Do: When AAFES embraced its new role and reorganized their layout and advertising strategies, sales increased from 30-100% depending on the department.


Approach: TEQ, formally TEK Packaging, approached one of our partner companies, Mozaic, looking for help redesigning their website. With our strong background in digital development, Mozaic referred the company to GRA | MATR.

Thinking: After doing some research, we found that while TEK Packaging did need a website, they also needed to take a deeper look at their own business and get to know themselves and their customer first. The company was extremely innovative and skilled in their industry, but their expertise was often overlooked by their peers and competitors.

Eureka: When we determined that TEK Packaging’s brand didn’t align with their capabilities, a transformation took place. As we conducted our standard rebranding session and drafted a brand pyramid, TEK Packaging’s executives realized that they needed more than a website, they needed a process. We changed the name to TEQ (Thermoformed Engineered Quality) because they did so much more than just packaging, and while we created a new website, we also redesigned their logo, their identity, and all of their marketing materials.

How Did We Do: Since TEQ began working with GRA | MATR their sales have doubled while their advertising has remained under budget each year. They recently had an article published in one of their premiere trade magazines identifying them as one of the companies to watch in their industry, brand awareness has skyrocketed, and they consistently get quality leads from marketing efforts.