What We Do

If you think you know what your customers want, wait 60 seconds. It just changed.

Consumers are consuming more than ever. But they’re doing it in highly fragmented and individuated ways. They’re moving through a sea of information, making hundreds of decisions about what to read, what to watch, what to recommend and what to buy. For brands, this is great news. There are more opportunities than ever to influence behavior. But you have to match your brand promise to the customer need. Times have changed and traditional marketing is bunk. We believe that marketing has shifted from projection to reception, towards radial marketing. The target now controls what (and who) to let in. And you have to know when, how, and where to do it.

It sounds scary, but we’re not asking the $1,000,000 question on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. It’s more like the $32,000 question, and you still have your phone a friend. Call us. GRA | MATR is here to make sense of all the madness; the never-ending, endlessly scrolling, constantly shifting, tweeting, texting, talking, clicking, posting, pinning populace that may or may not make up your clientele at any one moment in time. Let’s take a step back towards a clearer vision. Let’s “go beyond the known” by systematically breaking things down into manageable, bite-size chunks. We are innovative and visionary problem solvers, not content with quick fixes and easy answers. Today’s marketing environment might be akin to a Shakespeare play, but we have the CliffsNotes.

To market effectively to your customers, you need to start by taking a look in the mirror. Really be honest and get to know yourself. Only then you can begin to understand your target customers, prioritize them, and discover the cognitive pathways they take from awareness to conversion to loyalty. We don’t just do tactics, but through innovative planning and strategy sessions we will guide you through the maze towards your “eureka,” your Zero Moment of Truth, a point where you can meet your customers head on, when they’re most receptive to your message.