GRA | MATR is growing and always looking for talented, passionate people.

If you have a childlike curiosity, are eager to learn new things, have a whatever it takes mentality, enjoy tackling complex problems, work well on a team and with clients, and can manage constantly shifting priorities, then you may be a good fit for GRA | MATR.

The interview process is not a simple affair. Once you apply, your application will be sent to a remote island for processing. If we like you, a man dressed in black will come for you in the night, blindfold you, and take you to our secret, underground lair for further questioning.

While the above scenario might be a touch hyperbolic, our interview process is not the industry standard. Before applying, we strongly recommend you familiarize yourself with our Core Values if you have not done so already. If you believe you’re a fit, then go ahead and fill out our online application. Every member of our team has taken it, and it will help us identify your strengths and weaknesses and assess your potential and fit. If we like what we see we’ll give you a call for an in person or phone interview to evaluate your capabilities. As culture is very important to our team, those selected for second round interviews will speak with each member of our team to see if you’re a true match.

While our interview process is daunting, we have an amazing team and are very protective of our work environment and established culture. As there are several steps to our hiring procedure, please understand that it might take some time to complete the circuit.

To apply, click here to fill out an application and take our online assessment.